Vmware interview questions

Vmware interview questions

  Here are the VMWare technical Interview questions that help to clear your Interview rounds:


1.       How to add datastore on ESX and how it will be visible to all ESX servers

2.       How to add a virtual network

3.       How to make teaming in VC

4.       What is HA, DRS, resource pool, vmotion

5.       How to make template

6.       If service console is configured can we do vmotion

7.       Why we need two service console

8.       What is ballooning

9.       What is snapshot, what is the filename for that

10.   How many partitions are created on ESX

11.   If ESX install and did not get console and what would be the troubleshooting steps

12.   What is RCLI

13.   Difference between ESX 3i and ESX 3.5

14.   Virtual center features

15.   Pre-requisities for HA and vmotion

16.   Can we add ESX3i in VC

17.   What is multi pathing

18.   What is internal switch

19.   How do we update patches at ESX

20.   How many network types are there in ESX

21.   Command line to showcase the datastores

22.   What is the maximum size of vmfs3 volume

23.   Can we create clone from templates

24.   What is the location of templates stored in ESX

25.   What is RDM and why it is required

26.   What is significance of vmkernal network

27.   How many types of disks are present in vm environment and difference among them

28.   What is the command to add disk in any disk

29.   How many types of licensing are there in VM

30.   Max. no. of ESX that can be added in cluster and max. no. of failover in HA

31.   What is a port group

32.   What is the default size of swap partition

33.   What is the use of vmware tools

34.   Can we add CPU in running VM

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