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Windows Server 2022 New Features: Enhanced Security, Azure Integration, and More

Microsoft released Windows Server 2022, the latest version of its popular server operating system. With this release, Microsoft has introduced several new features that enhance security, improve performance, and increase scalability. In this blog post, we will explore some of the exciting new features of Windows Server 2022. 1.Improved Security: Security is a top priority […]

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Interview Questions Windows

Windows Cluster Interview Questions and Answers

Windows Cluster Interview Questions and Answers Here are some windows cluster Interview Questions and Answers for windows administrator What is Clustering. Briefly define & explain it ? Clustering is a technology, which is used to provide High Availability for mission critical applications. We can configure cluster by installing MCS (Microsoft cluster service) component from Add […]

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Active Directory Interview Questions

Active Directory Interview questions with answers

Active Directory Interview questions with answers Learn about basic Active directory functionality. Happy learning!!! Below are the Active Directory Interview Questions and answers. However there are more Interview question: Wintel /AD Interview Questions:- Windows Cluster Interview questions :- Personal Interview Questions:-   What is Global Catalog and its function? The global catalog is a distributed […]

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