🚗 Headunit Reloaded Emulator HUR Review: Elevating My Car’s Infotainment with Android Auto on Topway TS7 10-Inch System 🚗

Recently, I replaced my OEM-fitted Music System that had Bluetooth and USB with a Topway TS7 10-inch Android System head unit. I am going to share my experience of using it and how I am getting the desired or expected result. I have used both the Native Google Maps app and the Headunit Reloaded Emulator HUR app will share which one performed better

Old Stereo System

I have 8 year old car with a basic digital Stereo System with, FM, Bluetooth, and USB to play music. My car has a Steering controller to receive the calls, volume control & change the music tracks. I have been using a mobile holder in the car for GPS navigation for many years.

There were very few issues I faced using my mobile like:- true caller’s pop-ups that got stuck after the call. I had to close it manually every time (I couldn’t remove the true caller permission as I needed to see the caller’s identity) and to Phone call. I know I can use Google Assistant in mobile’s Android Auto to call but I didn’t feel comfortable using it. But still, I have been using it for many years. The major hurdle is distraction if you operate your phone while driving.

New Andriod Headunit System

I thought to give it a try to Android System and I looked for the options in Market. I initially thought to get a System that would work individually just like a tab and shouldn’t be dependent on a Phone. Then I got the Topway TS7 10-inch Screen and it was very cheap, it was a hit and try for me so I thought not to spend so much money on it so I bought it. It has 2 GB RAM and 32 GB Storage as mentioned in the System Info. It is quite cheap and has a good screen resolution (Full HD) and the colors are good.

I got it Installed by the Shopkeeper. He initially completed all the setups like MIC installation and peering the Steering Controllers. usb ports setup etc.

Initial Experience

Out of the Box, I have got Google Maps, Radio, and Bluetooth Reciever. I installed Spotify to make it individual from mobile. I just needed a Hotspot to connect with the head unit.

It was new, so I was quite discomfort using it Spotify lags a little so I stopped using it and started using mobile Spotify using Bluetooth.

A Bluetooth Receiver also doesn’t display the full name with the last name in the beginning which I didn’t like, also MIC quality is not as good as the original one (as the original one doesn’t connect with other Head units, so the new MIC has to be installed). But still it served the purpose. The built-in GPS also works most of the time but very few times it takes time to connect.

After using it for 2 months where I used Google Maps a lot, I feel this is not the device I looked at as GPS Navigation is slow on launch but works fine once it settles down. The launch is slow and you have to type the destination Google Voice Assitance is also not working very well. I have been still using mobile to play music and have to connect hotspots etc.

Headunit Reloaded Emulator HUR

I thought to try an Android Auto. However, I didn’t find any app in my Android head unit that supports Android auto like Tlink or Zlink. It has an inbuilt Screen Mirror App but obviously, that’s not a solution.

Then I searched and found Headunit Reloaded Emulator HUR it is not a free app (but not so expensive). Though I found the APK of the crack version when I saw the reviews everyone suggested using the paid as it is lag-free and works better than the cracked one.

Headunit Reloaded Emulator HUR

Steps to Connect Headunit Reloaded Emulator HUR

  • Purchase and Download the Headunit Reloaded Emulator HUR from the Google Play store in your Android Headunit.
  • Once Installed, connect your phone to a USB port (which supports data Port) of the Android Headunit.
  • Make sure the Android Auto is already installed in the Mobile and enabled
  • The Android Mobile phone will prompt for the connectivity options menu, select Data Transfer/Android Auto
  • Once Connected the Headunit Reloaded App in Car Android Headunit should launch automatically.
  • It will ask for a few first-time setup configurations
  • After Finishing the initial Configuration, an Auto Android will launch on the Car Headunit Screen
  • You can go to the setting by pressing the menu button and changing it.
  • The complete setup like which App Auto Android should enabled and Which will be the default Music Player

Now, my mobile is the main device to use Navigation GPS and Music Player, nothing is running on the Android Car Stereo Headunit except the Headunit Reloaded Emulator HUR which is just displaying from the Mobile.

So this is what I like:-

  • Performance got better
  • Android Auto has a much better User Interface and Experience than the Topway Car Headunit Native Apps.
  • The Navigation GPS got very smooth and more clear and easy to manage as now you can just start the navigation from your Mobile and it will directly be shown to your Car Screen. Also, Auto Android always suggests your frequent Destinations like Work, Home, Recents, Favourite & Pinned so destinations are very easy to set in Android Auto
  • No need to enable Hotspot from your mobile to connect as through USB all the application works like Music, except Call Speaker which uses Bluetooth
  • Calling in Android Auto is way better than the Native App in Car Stereo Headunit. The Display name is clear and all the recent calls and phone book are perfect.
  • Google Voice Assitant is working very well for Call, Music, and Navigation which I tried

Overall, I don’t see any lag or performance issues as of now using it, and mobile also works well on the battery as it maintains the charging while using it.

Auto Android WiFi Connectivity

There is an app named Wifi Launcher from AA Wireless. That can enable you to connect the Car Headunit with Mobile Wirelessly. I tried it as well and It works well for connectivity, once it gets connected through Bluetooth then it auto-enables the Mobile Hotspot and launches the App Automatically.

However, it drains your mobile battery very quickly even if you have a charger like I have a USB charger still it drains more than it charges. However, anyway, if you have to connect the charging cable then there is no point in using it Wirelessly. It is better to use it through USB only.

But if you have wireless charging then you may use it.


I like the Headunit Reloaded Emulator HUR App which is running Auto Android App from my Mobile perfectly. it also works for Car Play. I am very much satisfied with the performance of both my Mobile and Car. Everything works well. I prefer to use a USB rather than a Wireless connectivity. If you love Android Auto only but it doesn’t have inbuilt compatibility in your Car’s Stereo Android Headunit then you won’t be disappointed using this app.

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