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Active Directory Interview Questions

Active Directory Interview questions with answers

Active Directory Interview questions with answers Learn about basic Active directory functionality. Happy learning!!! Below are the Active Directory Interview Questions and answers. However there are more Interview question: Wintel /AD Interview Questions:- https://www.yourcomputer.in/wintel-interview-questions-and-answers Windows Cluster Interview questions :- https://www.yourcomputer.in/windows-cluster-interview-questions-and-answers Personal Interview Questions:- https://www.yourcomputer.in/personal-interview-questions-answers   What is Global Catalog and its function? The global catalog is a distributed […]

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Active Directory Interview Questions Windows

System Admin Interview Questions for Software Development Organisation

Nowadays, we have many Job profiles in Product Development Companies that require somewhere around all-rounder profiles for System Admins. For that they require Network, Windows, ESX, IIS etc. experts to handle there day-to-day work. So, below are some basic Interview questions specifically for the System Admins working for Product Developments companies where they need to interact […]

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Citrix Interview Questions


CITRIX INTERVIEW QUESTIONS   1. What is the requirement for Citrix server installation? Answer :- http://support.citrix.com/proddocs/topic/xenapp6-w2k8/ps-system-requirements-w2k8-xa6.html 2. What is Datastore? Answer :- This is the place where all the static information are stored. The data store provides a repository of persistent information about the farm (Farm configuration information, Published Application configurations, Server configurations, Static policy configuration, XenApp administrator accounts, and […]

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