Active Directory Interview Questions Windows
Ravi Chopra  

System Admin Interview Questions for Software Development Organisation

Nowadays, we have many Job profiles in Product Development Companies that require somewhere around all-rounder profiles for System Admins. For that they require Network, Windows, ESX, IIS etc. experts to handle there day-to-day work. So, below are some basic Interview questions specifically for the System Admins working for Product Developments companies where they need to interact with Developers, Tester and DBA:


Active Directory

  • What is RODC?



  • Differences b/w Conditional Forwarding and Stub Zones.



  • What is GPT and GPC?



  • Which DNS record is required for Replication?




Windows Server

  • What contain system state backup?



  • What is Majority Node Set?



  • Types of Clusters?


  • Different types of Quorum in Windows server 2008?



  • Can we install Failover cluster on two different subnets?


  • What is NPS?



  • What is 802.1x authentication




Internet Information Service


  • What is the role of HTTP.sys?



  • What are the different security settings available in Internet Information Service?


  • How many SSL certificates can be used in Internet Information Service 7.5 for multiple sites?



  • What is worker Process?





  • What are the different data store multipathing methods available under ESX cluster?



  • How many ESX nodes can be added in VMWare essential plus licensing?



  • In what scenario we cannot expand attached HDD size of Virtual Machine in Vmware Cluster



  • Can we have multiple Vlan under same Vswitch?