Flipkart vs Amazon India

By | August 23, 2014

Flipkart vs Amazon India

The two giants for Online e-commerce marketplace but who is better ? Well, take a look and compare some major points of both and their future plans.

1. Background

Flipkart who started in 2007 has seen a phenomenal growth in the last few years and has set a benchmark for others to look into the Indian Online shopping market and has been a no.1 Indian E-commerce site so far. Flipkart  started with selling product by its own subsidiary retail company WS retail to make sure that customer get a genuine products and dispatch time to be reduced all of that to gain the consumer confidence on Internet shopping . On other hand Amazon who is a global giant came late to Indian market but manage to get a good growth by allowing local seller to sell that too with great service and support.

2. Count of Products

Today the Online buyers want almost everything at one place and that too in competitive Price. Amazon claims that it has more than 1 crore products which can be true as Amazon has allowed the local seller since it was launched with its sister company cloudtail. Thus, you may easily find out more products on amazon than its counterpart Flipkart.

Flipkart had solely sold the products with WS  Retail and is quite a new where it has allowed the other seller to sell on Flipkart so in recent time its products count has raised but still behind the amazon counts.

3. Logistic

Though both Flipkart and Amazon have their own logistic companies E-Kart and ATS respectively but there are little differences in their shipment policies and timing.

Flipkart is no doubt is the best in shipment delivery with their logistic partner E-Kart but you get the best delivery only if you buy from WS Retail not from the others buyers you may have to wait for as long as 14 days to get your shipment. Flipkart provides a Same-day delivery and next Day delivery only for WS retail products but that is also not 100% sure that you get the  Fast delivery option on every products it depends on the locality of product if it is in nearest hub then only you will get it. With the fast delivery option  Flipkart has also started to delay in Standard Delivery to get the more buyers to opt for fastest delivery option as it is a Paid service. There was also a time in the beginning when the products were getting reached in a day with Standard Delivery option.

Flipkart doesn’t allow its sellers to dispatch their products with third party logistic, here is the drawback so where the E-Kart doesn’t deliver the product it doesn’t take the order of that location.

Amazon.in on the other hand provides the logistic service to its seller partners along with it gives the option to them to choose for other logistic partner so that it can be reached almost everywhere in India. However, it is doesn’t allow Cash on Delivery for buyers if the location is not comes under ATS network.

Amazon also has an option for seller to opt for Amazon Fulfilment program which stores the seller product in Amazon warehouse so that it can be dispatched early. However, it is not much good as if we compare it with WS retail dispatch. It is only good for those who needs a product with 2 days Guarantee paid service or early but not with the Standard Delivery your product will reach you on the last day of your shipment commitment even if the product is fulfilled by the seller then it may reach you even earlier than the Amazon fulfilled product. Amazon’s ATS seems delaying the shipment if you have not chosen the fastest delivery option with no updates even for more than 2 days.

If we compare the standard delivery between Flipkart and Amazon then flipkart goes ahead with the margin for Ex:- you have ordered products from both WS retail and Amazon fulfilled product at the same time and they both have given you the 2-4 days for delivery. It has very commonly observed that Flipkart usually deliver its product on the first day of its commitment whereas amazon usually delivers on its last day of commitment i.e. 2nd day you get the flipkart shipment however Amazon will deliver on 5th Day. Though amazon gets the edge for its wide location network by allowing the third party logistic

This is the main reason Flipkart is most popular or first choice than its counterparts.

4. Customer Support

Both Amazon and Flipkart have their own 24×7 customer support. Both provides the great customer support by Chat or call. However, Flipkart customer care is far more user friendly you can buy, cancel, enquiry and do anything by calling them.  Even the cancellation and return request are very easy on Flipkart but not in Amazon you have to search for the option then have to reach seller to cancel your product . That is quite easy on Flipkart.

However, due to heavy rush or overloading Flipkart customer support is also falling even its website sometime fails to take the order.but still it manages to fulfill customers issues. Amazon servers setup is more powerful than Flipkart so website performance never fails.

5. Future of E-commerce websites

As both E-commerce sites are getting funding for future growth so in future they both are looking good and will benefit customer by enhancing its services like logistic and introduce more ranges. However, competition is going tough with other E-commerce websites like Snapdeal, Shopclue.

So keep shopping online with best prices in comparison to your local market.






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